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„One With Nature” World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition
(25 September to 14 October 2021)

30 September 3 October 2021

The first official National Hunting Exhibition was organized in 1871, mostly as a professional gathering of hunters. On the hundredth anniversary of the first exhibition, the World Exhibition of Hunting was hosted in Budapest in 1971, which was unprecedented in terms of its rich selection of exceptional events. Nearly two million tickets were sold for the grand-scale event with close to two hundred thousand estimated visitors from all parts of the world attending the event.

50 years later… Hungary is staging yet another worldwide exhibition on the 50th anniversary of the 1971 World Exhibition.

From 25 September to 14 October 2021, the central exhibition and series of the events of the One With Nature – World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition will take place in the nearly 75 thousand square metre renovated space of the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center.

More information on the World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition and its program-series: HERE

FEHOVA PLUS: 30 September 3 October 2021

4 days of fantastic FeHoVa atmosphere!

The organiser of the World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition, Egy a Természettel Nonprofit Kft., has commissioned Hungexpo with organising FeHoVa PLUS.

Apart from the central display and the wide range of attractions of the World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition, from 30 September to 3 October, one of the key events will be FeHoVa PLUS, where the companies working in hunting, angling, forestry and nature tourism sector as well as in equestrian or pet and work dog-related fields will wait for the visitors with their products and services.

Just as the annual FeHoVa exhibition taking place every year in February, FeHoVa PLUS hosted in Pavilions B and E, will provide plenty of opportunities for meetings between exhibitors and visitors, commerce, gaining professional experiencea and friendly discussions.

30 September 3 October 2021
Thursday – Sunday 10:00 – 19:00

The amendment of the relevant government decree which exempts the ‘One with Nature’ World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition from the protective measures applicable during the state of danger has been published in Magyar Közlöny [Hungarian Gazette].
Pursuant to the amendment, it will be possible to visit the programmes of the World Exhibition to be held between 25 September and 14 October and the related events without disease control restrictions and the presentation of an immunity certificate.
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Information about approach: HERE

For more information on the “One with Nature” World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition, please visit the webite!

Cashless payment system: There is a cashless payment system at Hungexpo, so tickets purchased at ticket offices, parking and on-site restaurants should be paid for with a credit card or HelloPay card instead of cash. More information: HERE
Exhibitors in Pavilions B and E are free to decide which means of payment (cash, debit card, Hellopay card) to accept and are not necessarily members of the HelloPay system at the Exhibition Center.

The World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition and FeHoVa PLUS can be visited with one ticket.

More information for visitors: HERE