For exhibitors

30 September – 3 October 2021

The organiser of the World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition, Egy a Természettel Nonprofit Kft., has commissioned Hungexpo with organising FeHoVa PLUS as a highlighted event during this program series.

Apart from the central display and the wide range of attractions of the World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition, one of the key events will be FeHoVa PLUS, featuring the themes of hunting, angling, forestry and nature tourism as well as companies presenting  and selling their products and services in equestrian or work dog-related fields from 30 September to 3 October.

Just as the annual FeHoVa exhibition taking place every year in February, FeHoVa PLUS hosted in Pavilions B and E, will provide plenty of opportunities for commerce and the sale of equipment related to the themes of the exhibition, including ornaments, fittings, accessories, clothing, feeds, materials, as well as other goods, services and trinkets.
Our exhibitors and partners can arrange their participation amongst the usual terms, in coordination with the members of the FeHoVa team.

Product groups: fishing, hunting, arms, forestry, equestrian sports, hobby and workdog caring

Venue: Pavilions B and E (Not the same space rental fees are applied in the 2 pavilions.)