Visitors' information

Opening time
15-18 February 2018
Thursday - Saturday:

9 a.m. - 6 p. m.
9 a.m. - 5 p. m.

Ticket prices
Daily tickets:
-on the spot: 3.000 HUF
-online: 2.750 HUF (+ 250 HUF service fee per ticket)
-online pre-buy (in case of registration): 2.500 HUF (+ 250 HUF service fee per ticket)
-for inhabitants who live in the 10th district: 1.500 HUF (evidence document of your address is needed)
-family ticket: 6000 HUF (incl. 2 adults and 3 children under age 14)

Discounted ticket: 2.500 HUF
Children younger than 14 years accompanied by an adult, pensioners, students with student ID and persons with disabilities. Entrance is free for children under 6 years.

Student group ticket (min. 10 persons with student ID): 1.500 HUF/person
Discount ticket (members of hunting or fishing associations, min. 10 persons entering the exhibition at the same time): 1.900 HUF/person
In orther to get this discount, please download the appropriate coupon:
-for Hunting Associations: hunter coupon (EN), hunter coupon (CZ), hunter coupon (HR), hunter coupon (RO), hunter coupon (RUS), hunter coupon (SK), hunter coupon (SRB),
-for Forestries: forester coupon (EN), forester coupon (RO), forester coupon (SK)
-for Angler/Fisher Associations: angler coupon (EN), angler coupon (HR),  angler coupon (RO), angler coupon (RUS), angler coupon (SK), angler coupon (SRB)
-for Shooting Associations: shooter coupon (EN) shooter coupon (SK)

Discounted daily ticket with Budapest Card: 2.000 HUF

You can enter the event with dog at Gate II. The entry for dogs is free with their valid vaccination certificate and with muzzle.
You can buy entrance ticket with OTP and SZÉP cards in Hall 1 and Hall 3.
The entry tickets authorize you for a single entry and are available for al Fehova's co-events.

HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center
Budapest 10th district, Albertirsai út 10. (Expo tér 1.)

How to get here?
- By underground no. 2 (M2) direct connection by bus "EXPO járat" (bus 10) from the Metro terminus "Örs vezér tere"
- By tram no. 37 from the "Blaha Lujza tér" respectively
- By car from "Kerepesi út" - from the direction of the city centerParking

P3 and P5 parking site:

Daily fee: 2500 HUF/car (gross amount)
Entry is automatic, by the exit you need plastic coins! Plastic coins can be bought in the Entry Hall I and III at the cashiers. You can ask a bill by the cashiers as well.

Albertirsai street:
Daily fee: 2500 HUF/car (gross amount), 7500 HUF/bus (3 x 2500 HUF, gross amount)
You must pay in advance at the parking area. You may receive your invoice from the parking guards on the spot.

VIP Card owners can use the P3, P5 and Albertirsai street parking sites during the opening hours. By the exit the barcode on the VIP Card is needed.

Disabled visitors can park their car in P5 parking site on the marked area free of charge. From this point pavilions can be easily reached.