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Taxidermy Championship

II. FeHoVa International Open Taxidermy Championship

HUNGEXPO Zrt, and Magyar VADÁSZLAP with the help of the ETC (European Taxidermy Championships) in the frame of the FeHoVa – Fishing Hunting and Arms International Exhibition on 10 – 16 of February 2020 are organizing an international open taxidermy competition for witch we are waiting competitors from abroad and Hungary.

You can read the list of species HERE.
You can read the rules HERE.
You can read the registration prices and deadlines HERE.

Click HERE to list of competitors in 2019!

  • Bíró Csaba
  • Barkóczi Csaba
  • Bordás Richárd
  • Brandl Christoph
  • Csernák Roland
  • Csiki Viktor
  • Gáspár Lóránt
  • Hajdu István
  • Halasi Miloslav
  • Handlovics-Joó Hanna
  • Heffter Viktória
  • Herczeg János
  • Horváth Helga
  • Horváth Flórián
  • Inusah Abass
  • Kapás Péter
  • Kiss Gergely
  • Kossuth Levente
  • Lötsch Anna-Lena
  • Macsuga Sándor
  • Mika Szabolcs
  • Miskolczi László
  • Nagy Pál
  • Ország Krisztián
  • Péter Sándor
  • Piros Edit
  • Resch Stefan
  • Rytko Roland
  • Sipos György
  • Sipos Gyula
  • Soós Zoltán
  • Symonchuk Ivan
  • Tóth János
  • Vasiliev Bohdan
  • Vinkelmann Zoltán
  • Vizi Éva
  • Vladušić Németh Valentina


As our event will be an international championship the judges are invited with the help of the ETC. Five internationally respected judges will be judging on our event

Berend Koch
Judge – “Mammals”

Always interested in nature and its animals, my favorites in taxidermy are birds and smaller mammals. At my current employment in the Department of Biology at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, I’m the taxidermist and manager of our zoological collection and exhibition. Since 15 years I have been judging birds, mammals, and skeletons at several international (WTC / ETC) and national (Italy, Finland, Switzerland) taxidermy competitions.

Yvonne Fritzsche-Nehls
Judge – “Mammals”

Training to a Taxidermist 1982-84 in Bochum, Work in Kiel, University of Kiel /Zoologie 84-90, since ’90 with own workshop. The focus of my work are birds and small mammals, but also seals etc, for exhibitions, schools, museums, and National Park Services. Participation on several congresses of taxidermists with presentations, working projects in Paraguay, Chile, Switzerland. Judge for small mammals and mammals on ETC since 2010 for 4 times.

Stephan Weigl
Judge – “Birds”

I am engaged in taxidermy for 40 years and my main interests are birds – taxidermy and birdwatching. At the moment I am the curator of the vertebrate collection of the Upper Austrian State Museum in Linz and head of the Biology Center. I have been judging European and Italian taxidermy championships since 2004.

Prizes in 2019:

  • First Class Trophy Taxidermy Award, Judge's Choise Best of Show
    • 250 EURO
  • First Class Trophy Taxidermy Award, Competitors Choise Best of Show
    • 250 EURO
  • From Gyógyfű Kft. 
    • Spice and Tea packs
  • From the Hungexpo C.Co. Ltd. 
    • 2 pieces one-year pass in Hungexpo, that provides free entry for all the events in 2019 organized by the Hungexpo C.Co. Ltd.
  • From the Royal Hunting Kft. 
    • Roebuck hunting
    • Red deer hind hunting
    • Deer Salami package
  • From the Safari Club International
    • Lead crystal whiskey collection with hungarian big game motifs
  • From the Vadászlap Kft. 
    • Magyar Vadászlap (Hungarian Hunting Press) 1 year subscription
    • Hunting book package




More information: http://preparatorverseny.hu/en/

More information and contact taxidermy@hungexpo.hu 
Ms Orsolya NAGY, nagy.orsolya@vadaszlap.hu, +36-70/278-2234