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Programs 2019

You, your family and friends are welcome to the largest and most popular meeting of hunters, fishers and nature enthusiasts in the Carpathian Basin!


Novelties in 2019:

    • ”Rarities of the continents” – presentation of rare and unique game species from all over the world
    • “Secrets of Vajdahunyad Castle” – a new round of hidden treasures from the museum
    • World War I heroes: foresters, hunters
    • The dearest trophies of Dr. István Halmágyi-Takács (the president of the Hungarian Chapter of Safari Club International)
    • Exhibition dedicated to the memory of dr. István Bertóti, the acclaimed hunting author and first doctor of wildlife biology in Hungary
    • Domestic big game trophies in the heat of the struggle
  • FISHING CARD REGISTRATION: Contact the registration desks and register for your Fishing Card! Each person registering on site receives a free gift of their own choice from the pop-up, wafters or boilie packages, equivalent in value to the registration fee!

Beside the novelties, we welcome children and adults alike with our traditional programmes:

  • STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® SERIES competitive logging competition and show- The grand international logging competition and show goes on, experts and the general public are invited to join STIHL in promoting this sport as well as trekking and forest management in general.
  • Béla Hidvégi warmly welcomes his readers, old and new friends and fellow hunters at his stand (Pavilion “A”, Stand 208A), where he autographs his new book and adds his 2019 calendar as a gift (as long as the supply lasts)! You can look at the book’s cover by clicking HERE.
  • At the stand of the Hungarian Hunting Magazine (Pavilion “A”, Stand 201C) Dr. Tamás Ricza, Dr. István Faragó and Ferenc Juhász autograph during the exhibition.
  • At the stand of the NIMROD Hunting Magazine (Pavilion “A”, Stand 208B)  Adrienn Lipp, Dr. István Koncz and Dr. Imre Gergely autograph during the exhibition.
  • Giant carp show (Pavilion “G”, Aquarium)
  • Energofish tests its feeding boat in a pool specifically built for this purpose from 11.00 to 15.00 each day in Pavilion G” (Feeding boat test pond)
  • Casting field (Pavilion “G”, G5)
  • The state-owned forestry companies present their hunting and trekking grounds (Pavilion “A”, Stand 205)
  • Spectacular hunting dog breed and work shows (Pavilion “A”, Stand 108C)
  • Falconry and other small animal shows - Falconry is a part of the world’s spiritual heritage: spectacular falconry shows, bird flights, presentations with video projections and a show with birds-of-prey and other small animals, which you can take photos with. The stand also offers you an insight (with films and lectures) into the protection of birds-of-prey, falconry as well as the veterinary aspects of keeping birds and other pets. Children will be given small gifts as a souvenir of the show.
  • Gastronomy presentations – focusing on fish and game
  • VKE Diana Hunter LadiesClub organizes a Childrens workshop with face painting and spectacular arts and crafts.
  • Hunting Horn Festival on the hunting stage at 11.00 on Saturday
  • VI. Youth Hunting Horn Solo Competition on the hunting stage at 12.30 on Saturday
  • VIII. FeHoVa Cup International Troating Competition on the hunting stage at 14.00 on Saturday
  • Erdeiprogramok.hu game corner” for kids with forestry colouring, crossword puzzles, “graffiti wall” and forest quiz at the Forest-Meadow stand
  • Demonstration of correct weapons storage, general advice on weapons purchase, usage and storage at the stand of Budapest Police Headquarters
  • Lure fishing pool - bait leading demonstrations, useful spinning tips and tricks (Pavilion “G”)
  • Fishing simulator
  • Energofish Ltd, Sporthorgász Ltd and Lake Tisza Sport Fishing Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd jointly present Tisza Angling School a fishing youth development programme for children
  • MOHOSZ Angling School for children (Pavilion “G”, Stand G10A)
  • At the MOHOSZ stand, you can buy an annual fishing ticket and/or take the national fishing exam (Pavilion “G”, Stand G10A)
  • Lectures and presentations by acclaimed foreign and Hungarian sport fishermen


  • VII. FEHOVA-MEOE International Dog Show (CAC, CACIB)
  • STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® SERIES  wood cutting series and presentation