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New programmes in 2018

  • Trophy exhibitions (pavilion A, 208)
    • "Hunting lodge in my dreams” - presentation of Prince Windisch-Grätz's world-unique collection
    • "Secrets of Vajdahunyad Castle” – The museum's hidden treasures come out for the 25th FeHoVa
    • "Moments of Nature through the eyes of Pál Csergezán" - exhibition of the artist's 40 paintings
    • dr. László PÁLOS (SCI) national and Kálmán TÓTH (SCI) African big-game trophies
  • STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® SERIES  wood cutting series and presentation - more: HERE
  • Béla HIDVÉGI presents on his stand (pavilion A, 208A) his latest DVD"A vad segélykiállítása", which has a different content than ever before.
  • Guest of honour: Romania - In 2018, our eastern neighbour is going to present the country's hunting and trekking areas, award-winning trophies, precious sights and attractive offers. (pavilion A, 207D)
  • Jubilee FeHoVa fishing competition - Award ceremony on Saturday at 14.00 on fisherman's stage
  • Hungary's largest angling photo exhibition in pavilion G - from the best photos of Jubilee FeHoVa fishing competition
  • Giants Show - 60Kg, 200cm, 25-year-old catfish is waiting for visitors with giant carp in the giant aquarium of FeHoVa! (pavilion G, Aquarium)
  • FeHoVa – NORMARK #kölyökpeca #kidfishing interactive program with Károly BOKOR on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11.00 and 15.00 (pavilion G, G8)
  • Energofish tests its newest feederboat in the special pool every day between 11 p.m.- 3 a.m. in Hall G (Feederboat test-lake)
  • Casting field (pavilion G, G5)

Traditional programmes and accompanying events:

  • On Hungarian Hunting Magazine's (Magyar Vadászlap) booth (pavilion A, 201C): interesting antler exhibition about abnormal bulls
    Ferenc JUHÁSZ on Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
    Norbert PINTÉR on Thursday, Friday and Sunday,
    Csaba VARGA on Friday
    Sándor BÉKÉS on Friday or on Saturday dedicate
  • At NIMRÓD Hunting Magazine's (NIMRÓD Vadászújság) booth (pavilion A, 208B) Dr. Imre GERGELY, Sr. Dr. György GYIMESI and Szabolcs BÁTORI dedicate
    Adrienn LIPP presents her "Diana nyeregben" book on 16th of February, Friday between 11.00 - 11.30 at Hunters' stage. She will dedicate her book at NIMRÓD booth.
  • The Hungarian Forestries present hunting and hiking area (pavilion A, 205)
  • Spectacular hound and work showing (pavilion A, 102B)
  • Falconry and small animal show (pavilion A, 113)
  • Troating competition on Saturday on hunter's stage
  • Gastronomy presentations - with game and fish to be served
  • "Tips and tricks" Cooking show with Szilárd SÁGI at AMC booth (pavilon A, 203B)
    15th Ferbuary, Thursday, from 14.00
    16th Ferbuary, Friday from 10.00 and from 14.00
    17th Ferbuary, Saturday from 10.00
    18th Ferbuary, Sunday from 10.00 and from 14.00
  • Children's activity organized by VKE Diana Vadászhölgy Klub (pavilion A, 211B)
  • Erdeiprogramok.hu "playing coner" - coloring pages, crossword, doodle wall, forest-quiz (pavilion A, 103A1)
  • MAGNUM shooting range (pavilion A, 301) - for the free Laser shot pre-registration is required. On virtual shooting Sport shooters can target to clay bird, hunters can shoot on wild boar. Please keep your ticket for using shooting range!
  • Presentation of regular weapons storage, general advice in connection with gun purchase, use and possession of weapons and target shooting at BRFK stand (pavilion A, 202B1)
  • Lure fishing pool - useful tips and tricks and presentations (pavilion G)
  • Fishing simulator - (pavilion G, G1B)
  • Angling lessons for children - supported by MOHOSZ (pavilion G, G10A)
  • Reports and presentations of renowned sporting fishermen


  • Archery championship and show
  • 6th FeHoVa - MEOE International Dog Show (CAC, CACIB)