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"Ancient heritage, inherited by one, but not all.
Ancient fight, a lust for searching, observation, a hunger for learning, for adventure,
a passion for collecting, a love of forests, fields and sedges."
(István Fekete)

International exhibitors and visitors, wide range of accompanying events and great offers are the three essential parts which make FeHoVa’s atmosphere so special. All about weapon – gunsmith companies, arms dealers, and bow manufacterers. All about fishing - baits, fishing rods, famous anglers. All about hunting – broad range of different accessories from clothes, through whistles to knifes. All about experience – tour organisers are also waiting for the visitors.

25th jubilee FeHoVa - success with professionals and visitors

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, FeHoVa has been characterized by a constant growth and ever- increasing public interest. The most significant hunting, arms and fishing event of originally Hungary and now the entire Eastern Central European region attracted 55 thousand visitors to see 310 exhibitors from 18 countries. Beside the current issues of hunting, game management and fishing, the participants of the event’s attached professional programmes discussed the things to do concerning the preparation for the upcoming One with Nature – World Exhibition to be held in Budapest. More: HERE

The youngest hunter


Relive the atmosphere of FeHoVa 2017


FeHoVa 2017

Thank you for participating at the 24th FEHOVA, raising its standards through your presence and contributing to its previously unparalleled success!
Come and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the exhibition next year and indicate your intention to participate to your sales representative now!

The 24th Fishing, Hunting and Arms International Exhibition independently opened its doors to the public on 9 February, surpassing the previous events in its number of exhibitors, visitors and exhibition space.
The 24th FeHoVa was hosted in the largest “A” (arms, hunting) and most modern, “G” (fishing) pavilions of the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Centre with 310 exhibitors from 19 countries, presenting their products and services covering all the themes of the event. The most significant hunting and fishing event of the region was attended by 5% more guests than last year with a total of 47,000 visitors arriving from all parts of the world. As a result of the independent hosting, it’s safe to say that our visitors were specifically interested in the FeHoVa exhibition.

Apart from the regular events, this year’s FeHoVa had a number of innovations in store for the visitors. The commemorative exhibition on the hunting exploits of Franz Joseph I was highly successfully, as well as the display on the 50th anniversary of the death of Count Zsigmond Széchenyi where visitors had a chance to peruse the famous hunter’s remaining trophies. The Ice World exhibition was also hugely popular, along with the diorama of polar trophies from Hungarian hunters, the presentations on famous Hungarian explorers as well on irregular red deer and the World of Deer.
As customary, the deer rutting competition was completely packed, just as the Hunting horn festival. The hunting dog and bird of prey presentations were also highly successful and a great number of visitors tested their skills at the MAGNUM firing range.

The exhibition’s guest of honour was Slovakia, yet visitors also included the hunting representatives from other countries of the Carpathian Basin.

Number of renowned anglers shared their experiences and ideas with visitors at the fishing stage, the giant aquarium and at the angling pool which was larger than the one at last year’s event. Whether it was lure fishing or angling, pole or fixed-line rods, fly or mouse shaped wobblers, there was something for everything amongst the wide range of products and equipment on display.  

Many guests showed interest in the casting course which debuted this year.  We also had numerous events for the little ones: we yet again presented the MOHOSZ Fishing School and Tisza angling school, hosted through the joint efforts of Energofish Kft., Sporthorgász Kft. and Tisza-tavi Sporthorgász Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. As a new feature, there were appearances from fishing camps, offering summer events for the youngest enthusiasts.

At FeHoVa, we launched an anniversary fishing competition in Hungary named after the exhibition itself. Numerous anglers registered for this unique, one year-long competition with a total prize amount of 2.5 million HUF.  (The winners of the various categories will be the ones who catch the longest fish in the three separate categories between 9 February 2017 and 1 January 2018.)

More information and Hungarian registration for the event:  horgaszverseny.fehova.hu

As expected, gastronomy again played a key role at this year’s FeHoVa. Hosted by OMÉK with the involvement of Szilárd Sági, 2 cooking demonstrations were hosted per day alongside numerous roundtable discussions on gastronomy topics concerning hunting and fishing, at the Agromarketing Center (AMC) community booth.

During FeHoVa, the Hungarian Archery Association hosted the HDH-IAA international association 3D and Historical Indoor European Championship, as well as the IFAA National Indoor Archery Championship. Continuing the list of records: more participants than ever before registered for this year’s competitions, with a total of 1073 entrants!

We hope  that we can again welcome you next year!